Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

This month we had our second annual Family Dance, Science and Nature Club took a tour of the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery, and Art Club made dreamcatchers. Members who ordered new t-shirts also got them.

Freeze dance.
On June 7, six of our families--26 persons--danced the afternoon away. We also played musical chairs; Red Light, Green Light; and Simon Says; and did freeze dancing. Snacks were prepared and shared and everyone, young and old, got to hang out with their friends.

Looking for salamanders at the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery.
On June 10, the Science and Nature Club met at the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery. There was a guided tour of the nursery where we learned what the nursery does, what plants it grows, and why those plants are important for Missouri's ecosystem. Two of the highlights of the tour were the "seed room" and looking for salamanders among duckweed and other aquatic plants.
Original dream catchers.

On June 18, the Art Club met at the library to make dream catchers. After a discussion on the origin of  dream catchers, the ten attendees made their own out of small paper plates, yarn, beads, and feathers.
The front of our t-shirts . . .

and the back.
This year's t-shirts were ordered in white, black, honey, and kelly green. Kelly green was, by far, the most popular. The shirts feature our group's logo on the front and its acronym on the back.

--by Billie S. and Jeannette F.
--photos by Billie S., Evie M. and Jeannette F.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Fun at Binder Park

Getting ready for the hayride
We had beautiful weather for our Jefferson City Parks and Rec hayride and bonfire at Binder Park last Wednesday. We roasted hot dogs, veggies, and marshmallows over a bonfire. The kids had an awesome time playing in the field and in the trees. Who needs play equipment?

--by Evie M.

A very burnt marshmallow.

Playing catch.

Playing in the trees.

Roasting away.

Fischer Farms Fun!

Hayride at Fischer Farms.

We had a great turn out for our annual trip to Fischer Farms, held on Oct. 23 this year. The hayride took us to the pumpkin patch to select our pie pumpkins and gourds. Then it was playtime in the corn box, hay-bale maze, corn maze, and the new Cotton House. We also enjoyed seeing the animals. Thank you Fischer Farms for a great field trip!

--by Evie M.


Watch out!

Some of our kids in front of the corn maze.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Helping out The Pantry

Brothers packaging oatmeal.
The Pantry is a new food pantry in Jefferson City where anyone who needs food can go without having to fill out any paperwork or meet any requirements. If you need food, come get it! The Pantry distributes real ingredients and recipes to those in need so they can prepare nutritious meals (instead of just handing them a prepackaged boxed meal).

On Oct. 20 we helped The Pantry package up ingredients for their October distribution day. We made up packets of oatmeal, grits, dried beans, homemade biscuit mix, rice, and seasonings. The Pantry has a simple menu of meals to choose from: homemade family-size chicken pot pie, white chicken chili, red beans and rice, chicken with rice and vegetables, and more. In some meals, people even get to select which seasonings they want, including Italian garlic, curry, Mexican, and lemon-pepper. Breakfast options include oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, grits, and homemade biscuits.

Pantry volunteer Kolbi W. organized our group's work party. Later that day she wrote, "Our realistic projections for October are to serve 84 families and 260 people. . . . To serve those 260 people, we estimate using 77 pounds of rice, 54 pounds of pasta, 70 pounds of beans, 432 pounds of chicken, 198 pounds of vegetables, and 250 seasoning packs and you guys packed a good deal of that today! Thank you!"

We look forward to helping The Pantry on a regular basis. Please check out their blog to learn more.

--by Evie M.
Packaging seasonings.

Mom and son packaging rice.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Dolls

Art Club members get down to creating their dolls.
It was all about dolls for Art Club on Oct. 16. Christine showed us how to use wire, string, and wooden beads to make dolls. We bent the wire into shape and wrapped clothes onto them, then hot glued a wooden bead to the top for a head, and added hair to complete the doll.

--by Evie M.

Dressing a doll.

A completed doll.

. . . and another one.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Danger: Geologist at Work!

Mr. Schroer
Our Science Club held it’s September meeting at Niekamp Park after one of JCSHG's Park Days. The purpose of the meeting was to expose members to one of many careers in science and nature. Tony Schroer, a registered geologist, talked to the group about a career in geology.
Schroer began by discussing different careers in geology and the schooling needed for each one. He talked about the ones most associated with geology in our culture, such as a volcanologist and paleontologist. He the discussed other types of geologists, from a petroleum geologist to a hydrogeologist, and what they each do on a daily basis. The group had a spirited discussion about seismologists and tectonic plates in our state. They also talked about the formation of volcanoes and how earthquakes occur. ​
Schroer also gave an example of one of the things he does on a daily basis, water remediation. The kids helped him create a water experiment that showed the effects of a pollutant spill on the water table. He then discussed the ways to clean up a spill and how wells are used to monitor the water quality in areas that have been affected by pollutants. They did this by adding water to a clear tub layered with rock and sand with tubes (wells) running from the bottom of the tub to the top. Schroer then introduced the “pollutant,” a black colored dish detergent. The group witnessed how the pollutant spread through the water and got drawn into the drinking-water "wells." He then went on to describe water testing and clean up of affected areas. Some of the members then enjoyed using the “wells” to blow bubbles after the experiment.
Finally, Schroer answered questions and helped identify rocks brought in by members. This led to a great discussion on types of rocks and minerals found in Missouri and how to locate to find them.
--by Billie S. 
Playing geologist

Friday, October 3, 2014

Manga Mayhem!

Chris presents the history of anime.
This last month, for the first time, our Art Club was lead by one of our students. At the Sept. 18 meeting Chris shared his passion for manga by giving a history of the art form and showing examples. He also demonstrated his skill for drawing anime. Members then passed around books for everyone to try his or her hand at it.
--by Evie M.
Chris draws anime.

Drawing manga.